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October 2019 Test Pass

The RealPresence Clariti Advanced Solution changes before October 2019.

Products Tested with This Release

Polycom RealPresence Clariti systems are tested extensively with a wide range of products. The following list is not a complete inventory of compatible equipment. It indicates the products that have been tested for compatibility with this release.


Poly recommends that you upgrade your Poly devices with the latest software versions, as compatibility issues may already have been addressed by software updates. See the Current Poly Interoperability Matrix to match product and software versions.


Products Tested with this Release

Tested Versions

Polycom RealPresence DMA

Polycom RealPresence DMA Edge

10.0.0. 4

Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server


Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager


Polycom RealPresence Web Suite Experience Portal


Polycom RealPresence Web Suite Services Portal


Polycom RealPresence Mobile


Polycom RealPresence Desktop


Polycom RealPresence Debut


Polycom RealPresence Group Series


Poly G200


Poly G7500


Poly Trio


Polycom VVX


Polycom RealPresence Touch


Polycom Pano


Polycom Content App


Polycom EagleEye IV USB Camera


Polycom EagleEye Cube



Resolved Issues

There are no resolved issues in this release.

Known Issues

The following table lists known issues in this release.


These release notes do not provide a complete listing of all known issues that are included in the software. Issues not expected to significantly impact customers with standard voice and video conferencing environments may not be included. In addition, the information in these release notes is provided as-is at the time of release and is subject to change without notice.


Known Issues

Issue ID
RealPresence Collaboration Server
If you have a RealPresence DMA VMR configured with a 2048 kbps line rate and use RealPresence Desktop software to make an H.323 512 kbps call, sometimes the RealPresence Desktop software fails to share content and receives legacy content.
No workaround for this issue.
RealPresence Collaboration Server
Sometimes, video cells and site names in the participant layout are missing during a RealPresence DMA VMR conference.
The participant layout may recover when changing active speakers.
RealPresence Collaboration Server
The live recording stream doesn’t stop when you pause the recording in a RealPresence DMA VMR call.
No workaround for this issue.
RealPresence Desktop
After joining a VMR conference using RealPresence Desktop as the RealPresence Web Suite soft client on the Microsoft Surface Book, RealPresence Desktop may display the Unmute icon when the Mute on Entry enabled option is selected on the RealPresence Web Suite Experienced Portal administration interface.
Manually mute the RealPresence Desktop.
RealPresence Group Series
RealPresence Group Series doesn’t update the H.323 ID during H.323 registration.
Update the registration details without disabling H.323.


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