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See the following sites for information related to this release.

     The Polycom Support Site is the entry point to online product, service, and solution support information including Licensing & Product Registration, Self-Service, Account Management, Product-Related Legal Notices , and Documents & Software downloads.

     The Polycom Document Library provides support documentation for active products, services, and solutions. The documentation displays in responsive HTML5 format so that you can easily access and view installation, configuration, or administration content from any online device.

     The Polycom Community provides access to the latest developer and support information. Create an account to access Poly support personnel and participate in developer and support forums. You can find the latest information on hardware, software, and partner solutions topics, share ideas, and solve problems with your colleagues.

     The Polycom Partner Network are industry leaders who natively integrate the Poly standards-based RealPresence Platform with their customers' current UC infrastructures, making it easy for you to communicate face-to-face with the applications and devices you use every day.

     The Polycom Collaboration Services help your business succeed and get the most out of your investment through the benefits of collaboration.



For more information about installing, configuring, and administering Poly/Polycom products or services, go to Polycom Support.

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