Upload the IAM Role into Your Polycom Cloud Services Account

You must now upload the IAM role file you saved into your Polycom Cloud Services account to establish the link between the two accounts.


Before you configure Polycom Cloud Services, review the Polycom Cloud Services Documentation.
Note: Perform this step once.


  1. Log in to the Polycom Cloud Services Administration Portal.
  2. Select Alexa for Business.

  3. Set Allow devices to enable Alexa for Business to Yes.

  4. Click Upload Amazon CSV.
  5. Browse for and attach the CSV file POLY-IAM-role.csv that you previously downloaded.
  6. Click Test.

    The system indicates that the test is successful. If you don’t get a successful result when testing the uploaded IAM role file, regenerate it on your Alexa for Business portal and reupload. If it continues to fail, contact your Polycom support representative.

  7. Click Save.