Add Poly Trio to Your Polycom Cloud Services Account

You can add your Poly Trio to your Polycom Cloud Services account by using the PDMS-E portal.


  1. Log in to your Polycom Cloud Services account.
  2. Select PDMS-E.

  3. Click Device Monitor.

  4. Click + Add.

  5. In the Device Type field, select RealPresence Trio.
  6. Enable the Cloud Service Registration check box.
  7. Obtain the cloud Registration Code from your Poly Trio.
    There are two methods to obtain the Registration Code:

    Method 1: Using Poly Trio Web UI

    1. Log in to Poly Trio Web Interface as an Admin.
    2. Select Diagnostics > Cloud Services.

    3. Make note of the Registration Code.

    Method 2: Using the Phone Menu

    1. Click Settings > Status.

    2. Under Status, select Cloud Status.

    3. Make note of the Registration Code.

  8. Enter the Registration Code from Poly Trio into the Registration Code field. Press Enter or the Tab key on your computer keyboard. The Device Model, MAC Address and the Device Name fields automatically update.
  9. Optional: You can change the Device Name to whatever you want. (It defaults to the Poly Trio MAC Address).
    Note: You can’t use blank spaces for the device name. Use _ or - instead.
  10. Optional: Add a Description.
  11. Optional: If you are not using Device Groups and Configuration Profiles, leave these fields blank; otherwise choose the appropriate associations.
  12. Click Save.

  13. Close the pop-up window that appears.
    The newly added Poly Trio appears on the Device Monitor page with two status icons at the far right indicating Cloud Services and Alexa for Business connection status respectively. These icons become "green" when connected.
    Note: The status icons may take a few minutes to reflect the true connection status. Click the Refresh button for an updated status.