Polycom Acoustic Fence

Polycom Acoustic Fence technology uses standard Polycom microphones to build a virtual audio boundary around one or several people.

This feature works in mono mode only. Enabling Polycom Acoustic Fence disables Polycom StereoSurround.

Polycom Acoustic Fence technology provides the following features:

  • Mutes sounds outside the fence when no one is speaking inside it
  • Lowers sounds outside the fence by 12 dB when someone is speaking inside it.
  • Mutes speakers when they leave the fenced area

In addition to the primary microphone, you need at least one more microphone to create the fence. You can use up to three ceiling microphones with the RealPresence Centro system.

The boundary radius can be from two to several feet around the following Polycom peripheral devices:

  • Table microphone
  • Ceiling microphone
Note: Microphones connected to a Polycom Microphone IP Adapter currently don’t support Polycom Acoustic Fence technology.

For more details on Polycom Acoustic Fence technology, search the Polycom Knowledge Base for acoustic fence.