Set a Multipoint Viewing Mode

What the far-end site sees during a multipoint call can vary depending on how the RealPresence Centro system is configured, the number of sites participating, the number of monitors being used, and whether content is shared. When you change a layout, you are changing the far-end site layouts only. Video images from multiple sites can be automatically combined on one monitor in a display known as continuous presence.


  1. In the system web interface, go to Admin Settings > General Settings > System Settings > Call Settings.
  2. Select a viewing mode from the Multipoint Mode list.

    The following table describes the available multipoint viewing modes.

    Table 1.




    The view switches between continuous presence and full screen, depending on the interaction between the sites.

    If multiple sites are talking at the same time, continuous presence is used. If one site speaks uninterrupted for at least 15 seconds, that site appears in full screen on the monitor.


    Multiple sites are displayed in continuous presence. The current speaker's image is highlighted.


    The speaker sees continuous presence while the other sites see the speaker in full screen on the monitor.

    Full Screen

    The site that is speaking is shown in full screen to all other sites. The current speaker sees the previous speaker.