Set Preferred Call Speeds

When your system is configured for a Zoom environment, you need to set the preferred speed to either 1024 or 1920. The maximum speed must be set to 1920.

Polycom recommends the preferred speed as 1920 when the Group Series system is configured to a Microsoft environment.

You can configure call speeds in the RealPresence Centro system web interface.


  1. In the system web interface, go to Admin Settings > Network > Dialing Preference > Preferred Speeds.
  2. Configure the following settings.



    Preferred Speed for Placed Calls

    IP Calls

    Determines the speeds to use for IP calls from this system when either of the following statements is true:
    • A user sets the call speed to Auto on the Place a Call screen.
    • A user places a call from the directory.

    If the far-site system doesn’t support the selected speed, the system automatically negotiates a lower speed.

    The SIP (TIP) Calls setting is available only when the TIP setting is enabled.

    Maximum Speed for Received Calls

    IP Calls

    Allows you to restrict the bandwidth used when receiving IP calls.

    The system doesn’t receive calls at a higher rate than the speed you set here.