Customizing the Local Interface

These topics describe how to configure your system by using the configuration screens on the local interface. If you are in the room with the system, you can navigate the screens and enter information by using the remote control and the onscreen keyboard. When you reach a text field, press the Select button on the remote control to display the onscreen keyboard. Note that the onscreen keyboard is automatically displayed when you reach the System Name field in the setup wizard.

Be aware that only those configuration screens needed to get the system connected are included in the local interface. Most of the administrative settings are available only in the system web interface.

In the system's local interface, go to > Settings > Administration. The local interface has a subset of the administration settings that are available in the system web interface.

If you enable a provisioning service, any settings provisioned by the RealPresence Resource Manager system might be displayed as read-only settings in the system web interface Admin Settings. For more information about automatic provisioning, refer to the RealPresence Resource Manager system documentation at