Security Setting Management

To configure your RealPresence Centro system security settings using the system web interface, use a supported browser with cookies enabled. For a list of supported browsers and version numbers, refer to the Polycom RealPresence Centro Release Notes.

To access the system web interface, open a web browser and enter the IP address of the system using the https protocol; for example, use the format

CAUTION: The HTTPS protocol ensures that the configuration of all login information (such as user names and passwords) is transmitted using an encrypted channel, including those user names and passwords used to communicate with third-party systems on your network. Using HTTPS severely limits the ability of anyone on the network to discover these credentials. For this reason, all attempts to use the system web interface via HTTP are redirected to the HTTPS interface.

You can find security settings and passwords in the system web interface at Admin Settings > Security. Settings are under different sections of the security interfaces. In accordance with local laws and regulations, not all security settings are available in all countries.