General Troubleshooting

The following table provides general troubleshooting information, including symptoms, problems and possible solutions for your RealPresence Centro system.




The system does not respond to the remote control.

The remote control battery is not charged.

Charge the remote control battery.

The room lights operate in the 38 Kz range and interfere with the remote control signals.

Turn off the room lights and try the remote control again.

A touch control device, such as the RealPresence Touch, might be paired to the room system.

Only one device can be paired at a time. To use the remote control, unpair the touch control device.

When configured for Skype for the Business/Office 365 user experience, the system is paired to the RealPresence Touch device.

When the system is configured for Skype Mode by the system administrator, use the RealPresence Touch as the only control device.

Picture is blank on the main monitor.

The room system is sleeping. This is normal after a period of inactivity.

Pick up the remote control to wake up the system.

The monitor remains blank after you pick up the remote control.

The monitor is powered off.

Power on the monitor.

The monitor's power cord is not plugged in.

Connect the monitor's power cord and the power on the monitor.

The monitor is not correctly connected to the room system.

Verify that the monitor is connected correctly according to the set up sheet that you received with the system.

You lost the administration password for your system or device.

You cannot access the administration settings without a valid password.

Refer to the factory restore topics to learn how to reset your system.

The system is experiencing video issues during calls, such as packet loss.

You have not configured the Network Quality settings in the system web interface.

Refer to the following Lost Packet Recovery topic link.