Multipoint Resolutions for High Definition Video for RealPresence Centro Systems

Polycom offers enhanced high definition (HD) multipoint resolutions, maximizing video quality in multipoint conferences for RealPresence Centro systems. This feature increases the maximum transmitting and receiving video resolutions in multipoint video conferences. During a multipoint video conference, if any endpoints in the video conference do not support high resolution video and transmit lower resolution video, all endpoints receive lower resolution video.

The maximum Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) transmitting and receiving resolutions are specified in the following table. Note that changing from discussion to speaker does not alter the transmit of 960x540 from an endpoint and the receive of 1080p from the endpoints.

RealPresence Centro systems support one endpoint as a host system and up to 5 other endpoints in a 6-way multipoint conference.

Number of Endpoints in the Video Conference

Maximum Transmitting Resolutions

Maximum Receiving Resolutions

2-4 endpoints

1080p, 30fps

960x540p, 30fps

5-8 endpoints

720p, 30fps

640x368p, 30fps