Set Up the Polycom EagleEye Director

You can use the remote control or the RealPresence Centro system web interface to set up the EagleEye Director. You cannot configure the EagleEye Director using a Polycom touch device, but you can start and stop camera tracking.

For detailed setup instructions, refer to Set up the Polycom EagleEye Director on Polycom Support.


  1. Power on the EagleEye Director.

    You can verify that the device is detected and compatible with the system's software on the System Status screen.

    • In the system web interface, go to Diagnostics > System > System Status > EagleEye Director.If you see EagleEye Director among the status settings, the device has been detected.
  2. Calibrate the cameras.

    If you notice that the speaker is not framed accurately, ensure that the vertical bar of the EagleEye Director is vertical. Placing the EagleEye Director on a horizontal surface can help to ensure that the vertical bar is vertical. You might also need to recalibrate the cameras.

  3. Adjust the room view.