Troubleshoot a Manual System Software Update

If your system does not successfully perform a software update, you can use Polycom best practices to troubleshoot the issue.

If you entered polycom as the server address, it should resolve as to an IP address using DNS. The RealPresence Centro system then checks for a software update using http protocol. If this does not occur, do the following.


  1. On a local computer, open a supported browser on the same network as the system.
  2. Try to access
    1. If successful, it will return platform, which signifies that you can connect to the Polycom software server from your location.
    2. If not successful, you did not connect to the Polycom server. Your network might be blocking the link; contact your IT department to help troubleshoot the issue. If this does not resolve the problem, the server might be down. Contact Polycom Support to learn the server status.