You can show one content source and one people video source at a time, and you can switch to a different type of content or people video source if you need to. Participants at other sites can also show content or people video sources. If a contact starts sharing content, that content overrides any content currently being shared. When you are sharing content, a message displays on the monitors. You can show content to far-end systems with any of the following:

  • Content sent using the Polycom® People + Content™ IP application (installed on a computer)
  • Content annotated in the VisualBoard application
  • Content sent using the SmartPairing feature in Polycom® RealPresence® Desktop or RealPresence® Mobile applications.

    For information on using SmartPairing, refer to the RealPresence Desktop and RealPresence Mobile documentation at

You can also receive and annotate content from a Skype for Business client.