Overview of RealPresence Centro

The RealPresence Centro is a center of the room collaboration solution that includes the following features:

  • Four touchscreen monitors for controlling the solution and annotating shared content

    The four touchscreen monitors display video and content streams simultaneously while enabling individual participants to use the monitor to annotate content.

  • Five high definition integrated cameras that produce a seamless 360-degree panoramic view that captures video for all in-room participants
  • Integrated microphones for clear audio and active speaker detection for the far-end
  • Integrated speakers that provide clear audio output for in-room participants
  • Up to full 1080p performance for sending and receiving people and content streams
  • USB ports on the base of the system for sharing content from a USB drive or charging devices while in a meeting
Note: The RealPresence Centro system is designed to be placed in a dedicated room. Contact your system administrator before attempting to move the system.