Configure Line Settings

Configure the line settings for your phone using the Web Configuration Utility.


  1. Go to Settings > Lines.
  2. Select the line you want to configure and expand the Identification menu.
    Line 1 is selected by default.
  3. Complete the following fields:
    Display name, address, label, Enable SRTP, Offer SRTP, Require SRTP and user ID password highlighted.

    • Enter the Display Name. This example shows 2223.
    • Enter the Address. This example shows 2223 to match the Display Name. Address represents the extension created for the device in CUCM.
    • Enter the Authentication User ID. This example uses tptrio2.
    • Enter the Authentication Password. This is the same value you entered in the Digest Credentials field when configuring digital credentials for the phone in CUCM.
    • Enter the Label that displays on the phone. This example uses CUCM, but you could change the label to the line number, for example.