Add a Territory

The Territories page contains a list of the territories defined in the site topology. Territory is a set of one or more sites for which a RealPresence DMA system is responsible. After RealPresence Resource Manager integrates with RealPresence DMA, by default, there are two territories, one is named Default RealPresence Resource Manager Territory and the other is named Default DMA Territory (DMA host name), and the RealPresence DMA instance is the primary node of the two territories.

By default, the Default DMA Territory is used for communication. Polycom recommends adding new territory based on the needs of your network topology, especially in DMA supercluster environment.


  1. Go to Network Topology > Territories.

  2. In the Territories page, click Add Icon image.
  3. Complete the Territory Info sections of the Add Territories dialog.
    Field Description
    Territory Info
    Territory Name A meaningful name for the territory (up to 128 characters).
    Description A brief description of the territory (up to 200 characters).
    Primary Cluster


    When integrating with a RealPresence DMA system, enter the management FQDN or IP address of the primary cluster that will manage this territory. Do this step AFTER you integrate with a RealPresence DMA system.

    Backup Cluster

    The second node, if any, of the RealPresence Resource Manager system responsible for this territory.

    Host Conference Rooms In This Territory

    Enables this territory to be used for hosting conference rooms (VMRs, or virtual meeting rooms).

    The territory’s primary and backup clusters must both be enabled for conference room hosting. No more than three territories may have this capability enabled.

  4. Click OK.