Add a Network Cloud

To simplify the network topology, define network clouds to represents a hub with many sites connected to each other such as a private network or VPN.

The Network Clouds page contains a list of the MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network clouds defined in the site topology.

Note: MPLS clouds are not associated with an IP address range, so they can be used to group multiple subnets and could also represent a connection to a service provider.


  1. Go to Network Topology > Network Clouds.
  2. In the Network Clouds page, click Add Icon image.
  3. In the Cloud Info section of the Add Network Cloud dialog, enter a unique and meaningful Cloud Name and Description for the cloud.

  4. Click Linked Sites to create a link between sites and the network cloud.
  5. In the Search Sites field, enter all or part of the site name or location and click Search.

    The list of sites containing the search phrase appear in the Search Results column.

  6. Select one site to link with the network cloud and then click the down arrow to move it to the Selected Sites column.
    Field Description
    Linked Sites
    Search Sites Enter search string or leave blank to find all sites.
    Search Result

    Lists sites show the territory, if any, to which each belongs.

    Select a site and click the right arrow to open the Add Site Link dialog.

    Add Site Link Lists sites linked to the cloud and shows the territory, if any, to which each belongs.

  7. The Add Site Link dialog appears to let you change the bandwidth limitation between this site and the MPLS cloud. Change the bandwidth limitation between each site and the MPLS cloud.

    You can define any bandwidth limitations between each Site and the MPLS Cloud. The following images show the bandwidth values for each site link.

  8. Click OK.
  9. Repeat the step 5 to step 8 to add all sites to the network cloud.

  10. Click OK.