Add a Site Link

When you add a site link, you enter the starting and ending sites of the link and the maximum bandwidth and bit rates available for calls (audio and video) that use the link. Links are bidirectional. After you have created a link from Site A to Site B, you automatically have a bidirectional link from Site B to Site A, although the link appears as unidirectional.

A link can connect two sites, or it can connect a site to an MPLS network cloud.

Before you can create a site link, you must add two or more sites to the system.


  1. Go to Network Topology > Site-Links.
  2. In the Site-Links page, click Icon image.
  3. In the Add Site-Link dialog, enter a Name and Description for the link and select the starting (From Site) and ending (To Site) sites.

  4. Enter the Bandwidth and Max Bit Rate and click Save.

    You can define any bandwidth limitations between the two sites.

    The new link appears on the Site Links page.