Provision RealPresence Group Series

Enable the provisioning from RealPresence Group Series to manage them from RealPresence Resource Manager.


  1. Connect the RealPresence Group Series Web UI.
  2. Go to Admin Settings > Servers > Provisioning Service.
  3. Check the Enable Provisioning and enter the information of the user who you create for provisioning. You also can enter the enterprise user for provisioning.

  4. Click Save. The Registration Status changes to Registered after the RealPresence Group Series is provisioned successfully.
  5. Go to Diagnostics > System > System Status, and check the status of Provisioning Service, Gatekeeper, SIP Registrar Server, LDAP Server, and Presence Service.

  6. Log in the RealPresence Resource Manager Web UI.
  7. Go to Endpoint > Monitor View.
  8. Check the Status (in green status), and click View Details for more information.

  9. Check the Device Status on the right panel.

  10. Check other fields for the RealPresence Group Series.

  11. You can click other action to manager the RealPresence Group Series from the RealPresence Resource Manager.