Configure Each Polycom ContentConnect Server for Load Balancing


Make sure your RealPresence DMA system is version 9.0.1 or later.

You need to configure each ContentConnect server in your deployment to use the RealPresence DMA for load balancing. You do this in the VMware or HyperV console of the respective ContentConnect server.


  1. In RealPresence DMA server, enable Load-balance multiple ContentConnect systems in Integrations > Polycom ContentConnect.
  2. Deploy the ContentConnect using the OVA(VMWare) or VHD(Hyper-V) files.
  3. Power on the ContentConnect and log in from the VMware or HyperV console (username. The default user name and password is polycom/Polycom.
  4. Configure the ContentConnect from the console:
    • Change Host Name: Enter the ContentConnect FQDN.
    • Configure Network: Enter network information for your ContentConnect FQDN in eth0 > Static address setup.
  5. Configure DNS: Enter your DNS server information.
  6. Select Reboot Server. After the ContentConnect powers up, log in to the ContentConnect Web Configuration Tool.
  7. Select Server Configuration > Server and configuring the following.
    Field Description
    SIP Server Address

    The IP address or host name of RealPresence DMA.

    Note: If you have a Supercluster with a primary and backup RealPresence DMA configured in your territory, you can specify the Embedded DNS FQDN of the RealPresence DMA in the SIP Server Address field under Server Configuration > Server. If the primary RealPresence DMA experiences a failover, the backup will continue to use the same pool of ContentConnect devices for future conferences until the primary RealPresence DMA is back online. For more information on the Embedded DNS, refer to the Polycom® RealPresence® Distributed Media Application™ (DMA®) System Operations Guide available on Polycom Support Center.
    SIP Server Administrator User The user name of a RealPresence DMA administrator.
    SIP Server Administrator Password The password of a RealPresence DMA administrator.
    SIP Proxy Port The RealPresence DMA port number.
    SIP Registrar Port The RealPresence DMA registrar port.
    Call Rate The call rate for the SIP call with Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server (RMX).
    SIP Transport Protocol The transport protocol to be used for the SIP call.
    Media Encryption AUTO
    Media Transport Port Range The port range allocated for media transmission.
    Load Balancing Virtual Server
    VBSS Status Enable VBSS

  8. Click Save.
  9. Reboot the ContentConnect server.
  10. Repeat these steps for each ContentConnect server.
  11. Verify that the RealPresence DMA is now load balancing the servers.
    1. Within the RealPresence DMA system, go to Integrations > Polycom ContentConnect > Available ContentConnect systems
    2. Verify that your ContentConnect instances display in the Available ContentConnect systems table.