Known Issues

The following table lists known issues and suggested workarounds for Content App 1.3 and previous releases.

Note: These release notes do not provide a complete listing of all known issues that are included in the software. Issues not expected to significantly impact customers with standard voice or video conferencing environments may not be included. In addition, the information in these release notes is provided as-is at the time of release and is subject to change without notice.
Table 1. Known Issues
Category Issue ID Release Description Workaround
Application EN-35220 1.1 (Windows 10 users only) When you share the Windows Media Player application, if another window (such as a notification window or other application) covers the shared application, the content sharing hangs. Make sure the shared application is always on top or share your desktop instead.
Application EN-57340 1.1 If your laptop runs on battery only and you share 1080p content for over an hour, your laptop may power off automatically because of power exhaust. Plug in the power supply during prolonged sharing.
Application EN-87106 1.2 To use the Pano App to cast content on the Pano device over the secondary network (Wi-Fi), you must enable the administrator access for the secondary network. Use AirPlay or Miracast to cast content instead.
Installation EN-111458 1.3 (macOS users only) While installing Content App using the .dmg format installation package, the system sends the following prompt: “The package was signed with a certificate that has expired.…” even though the certificate is valid. None. This is a macOS 10.14 bug.
Content EN-118063 1.3 (Windows users only) After your PC is connected to an extended monitor with the initial display setting as second screen only, if you then start Content App, connect with a Polycom endpoint, and then change the Windows PC display setting to Extended, Content App shows two Desktop 1 entries on the Desktop list. Restart Content App and connect with the endpoint again.