Enhancements to Polycom Trio Support

When sharing content on a Polycom Trio system, you can access the following feature enhancements through the Content App.

  • Connect with Content App over USB—You can now connect to the Content App directly using USB instead of only connecting through the Polycom Trio IP address.
  • Device name display—The Content App displays the Polycom Trio system’s name when the latter is connected to Content App over IP connections.
  • Security code support—You must enter a security code in the Content App before connecting to Polycom Trio via its IP address.
  • Auto detection—The Content App detects nearby Polycom Trio systems to facilitate content sharing. The auto detection feature requires the following:
    • You must turn on your device’s Bluetooth detection.
    • Nearby Polycom Trio systems have Bluetooth broadcasting enabled.
  • Content audio support—The Content App casts audio in the content to Polycom Trio. The content audio support feature requires the following:
    • You must use the Windows version of the Content App.
    • You must connect to the Polycom Trio system using its IP address.