The following table lists limitations and constraints when using Content App.

Table 1. Limitations
Category Description Workaround
Bluetooth (macOS users only) When your device resumes from sleep or screen lock status, macOS may occasionally fail to start low-level Bluetooth functionality. This may cause the Content App to fail to detect nearby Polycom Trio and Pano systems. Restart Bluetooth manually from your system settings.
Bluetooth Content App can search for nearby Polycom Trio and Pano systems that support Bluetooth version 4.0 or later, with Windows 8.1 or macOS 10.8, or later. None.
Browser Content App installed on a Windows system must access certain browser components on Internet Explorer 11 to function correctly, Install Internet Explorer 11 on the Windows system using Content App.
Display The Pano device displays a blank panel or screen when the last content source from the Content App disconnects. None.
Interop Sometimes unexpected results occur when connecting to the Polycom Cloud Service Make sure the time clock of the system on which you install the Content App matches the current local time.