End Sessions on the Pano System

You can force end all connections from a Pano system. This also ends all content sharing sessions, if any.


This feature is available only when you are within the same network segment as the Pano system.
You can use this feature for the following use cases:
  • Before connecting to a Pano system to share content, force end all connections to ensure that there are no undesired device connections.
  • Before leaving a meeting, end all connections and sharing sessions on the Pano system.


  1. Do one of the following:
    • When connected to a Pano system, select Disconnect, then select End Session.
    • From the application Main window, select a Pano system from Nearby Rooms or Recent Rooms, select and then select End Session.
    • From the Find Other Rooms window, enter the IP address or system name of a Pano system, select and then select End Session.
    For Pano systems listed in Nearby Rooms, Recent Rooms, and Find Other Rooms, if there are any device connections, the End Session button is red.
  2. Enter the security code, if asked.