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Access Control Lists

An Access Control List (ACL) is a list of rules that the RealPresence DMA system uses to evaluate SIP and H.323 traffic to the system’s public and private signaling ports. The rules in an ACL have associated actions that define whether the RealPresence DMA system allows or denies SIP or H.323 provisioning, registration, and call requests from endpoints or other devices on a network.

The RealPresence DMA system comes with two default Access Control Lists. You can also create custom ACLs.  

Working with Access Control Lists involves several steps:

1 Define Access Control List rules and their conditions.

2 Specify variables to apply to the Access Control List rules.

Note that if you plan to use custom variables for a rule condition, you should define the variables first, before you create or edit the rule and its conditions.

3 Assign an action (allow or deny) to each ACL rule.

4 Add one or more rules to an Access Control List.

You can create a custom ACL or use one of the system’s default Access Control Lists.

5 Assign an ACL to a specific SIP or H.323 port.

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