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Domains Restrictions

On the Domain Restrictions page, you can add administrative domains to or remove them from the list of domains from which registrations are accepted.

If the local domain list is empty, all domains are considered local, and the system accepts endpoint registrations from any domain. Otherwise, it accepts registrations only from the listed domains. This is a supercluster-wide configuration.

Calls that have a non-local domain in the dialed string do not resolve to any locally registered endpoints, and can only resolve to a VEQ or VMR if the Conference rooms belong to every domain check box is checked.


Note: The Resolve to external address dial rule action does not match against domains that are considered local. If the list of domains is empty and all domains are considered local, this dial rule action won’t match any dial string and can’t be used.
In some circumstances (depending on network topology and configuration), dialing loops can develop if you don't restrict the RealPresence DMA system to specific domains.

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