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Hunt Groups

A hunt group is a set of endpoints that share an alias or aliases. Hunt groups can be used to define a dial string shared by a group of people, such as a technical support number. When the Polycom RealPresence DMA system call server resolves a dial string to the hunt group’s alias, it selects a member of the group and tries to terminate the call to that member.

The system selects hunt group members in round-robin fashion. It skips members that are in a call or have unconditional call forwarding enabled. If the selected group member rejects the call or doesn’t answer before the timeout, the system tries the next group member.

If all members have been attempted (or skipped) without successfully terminating the call, the system sends a busy message to the caller.

Registered endpoints can add themselves to a hunt group by dialing the vertical service code (VSC) for joining (default is *71) followed by the hunt group alias. They can leave a hunt group by dialing the VSC for leaving (default is *72) followed by the hunt group alias. An endpoint can belong to multiple hunt groups.

The Hunt Groups page lists the defined hunt groups and lets you add, edit, and delete hunt groups. The following table describes the fields in the list:



Hunt group name.
Brief description of the hunt group.
The aliases (dial strings) that resolve to this hunt group.
The endpoints included in the hunt group.
Indicates whether the hunt group is being used.

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