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DNS Records for the Polycom ® RealPresence ®  DMA ® System

After you have installed the Polycom ® RealPresence ® DMA ®  system and completed the configuration procedures in the Polycom® RealPresence® DMA® System Getting Started Guide  (available at ), you need to create DNS resource records on your DNS server(s). Some DNS records are required, while others may be optional.

If you are not familiar with DNS administration, the creation of various kinds of DNS resource records (A/AAAA, NAPTR, NS, and SRV), your enterprise’s DNS implementation, and tuning for load balancing (if needed), consult with the DNS administrator.

The RealPresence DMA system requires the following records on your DNS server(s):

A and/or AAAA records for IPv4 and IPv6

Corresponding PTR records for the A and/or AAAA records

The DNS server(s) should also have entries for your Microsoft ® Active Directory ®  server (if different from the DNS server) and any external gatekeepers or SIP peers.

You need to create additional DNS records for SIP proxy, H.323 gatekeeper, and embedded DNS servers if you enable these features.

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