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Refreshing Data

Data within the RealPresence DMA system can be automatically refreshed on some pages in the management user interface and manually refreshed on all pages in the management user interface.

Set the Automatic Refresh Rate

Automatically refreshing the data on a page within the management user interface updates the data that display at an interval you define. You can set an automatic refresh rate of 5, 15, 30, 45 seconds, or 1 minute. When the RealPresence DMA system refreshes data, it takes several seconds to collect the data and deliver it to the management user interface. The system collects data as quickly as possible, but if you set the refresh rate to 5 seconds, the data returned are not guaranteed to be 5 seconds old at the most.

Note that when you select a refresh rate on a given management user interface page, the rate will apply to all pages that have the automatic refresh feature. The rate will also persist for future logins if the same user logs in from the same computer, using the same web browser.

To set the automatic refresh rate:

1 Go to any RealPresence DMA system management user interface page that has the automatic refresh icon (refresh.png).

2 Select Settings next to the automatic refresh icon and choose a refresh rate.

The data on the page will automatically refresh at the rate you selected.

Refresh Data Manually

You can manually refresh the data on a management user interface page at any time by clicking the manual or automatic refresh icon.

To refresh data manually:

Go to any RealPresence DMA system management user interface page that has the manual refresh icon (repeat.png) or automatic refresh icon (refresh.png) and click the icon.

The data on the page will refresh.

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