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Microsoft Exchange Server Integration

To support Polycom ® Conferencing for Microsoft ® Outlook ® , you can integrate the Polycom RealPresence DMA system with your Microsoft Exchange server. This integration enables users who install the Polycom Conferencing Add-in for Microsoft Outlook to set up Polycom conferencing meetings in Outlook.

When you integrate the RealPresence DMA system with an Exchange server, it connects to the Exchange server as the Polycom conferencing user and subscribes to notifications. The Exchange server notifies the RealPresence DMA system as soon as a meeting invitation (or other mail) arrives in the Polycom Conferencing user Inbox. It also sends heartbeat messages to verify that the subscription is working.

If the RealPresence DMA system fails to receive a heartbeat or other notification for 30 seconds, it begins checking its inbox every four minutes for new messages, and also attempts to reestablish the subscription (push connection) each time.

As with other Outlook meeting requests, the meeting organizer invites attendees and specifies where and when to meet. The “where” in this case is a conference room, or virtual meeting room (VMR), on the RealPresence DMA system.

The invitees may include conference-room-based Polycom HDX systems as well as users with Polycom HDX personal conferencing endpoints. Polycom HDX systems monitor an Exchange mailbox (either their own or a linked user’s) for Polycom conferencing meeting invitations.

Invitees with a desktop conferencing client (such as Polycom ® RealPresence ®  Desktop) can join the meeting by clicking a link in the Outlook reminder or calendar. Invitees with a Polycom HDX endpoint can join by clicking a link on the HDX system’s reminder.

The add-in also sends Polycom Conferencing meeting invitations to a Polycom Conferencing user mailbox on the Exchange server. The RealPresence DMA system accepts or declines these invitations. A meeting invitation is declined if:

The VMR number is in use by any other conference room (calendared, enterprise, or custom).

The user sending the invitation is not in the Polycom RealPresence DMA system’s Active Directory cache.

The invitation contains invalid or incomplete meeting data.

The meeting’s duration exceeds the system’s Default Conference Duration setting.

The conference or chairperson passcode is not valid.

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