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Backing Up and Restoring

Polycom suggests that you back up your Polycom® RealPresence® DMA®  system regularly. You can create a system backup either on the local server or transfer backup files to a remote server. Local backups are performed and stored independently of remote backups.

In addition to the backups that you create, each RealPresence DMA system cluster automatically creates a locally-stored configuration-only backup each night. These configuration-only backups include:

Local user account information (including local data for enterprise users, such as conference room attributes)

System configuration data

Supercluster and resource management system integration data (if applicable)

The backup file is for the cluster, but on a two-server cluster, a copy of the backup exists on each server. This ensures that the backup files are available even if one of the servers is not running.

If you want to create a backup that also includes all the transactional data, including logs, CDRs, network usage, and audit (history) data, you should create these manually or schedule backups to be sent to a remote server on your network. The cluster keeps the most recent ten backups (deleting the oldest backup file when a new one is created).

If you have a superclustered system, you should create backups from each cluster (each cluster’s backup files include only the call, conference, and registration history for that cluster) or transfer the backup files to remote storage.

In most cases, the software version of the backup file must match the system’s current software version in order to restore from it. Specific releases may include the ability to restore a backup file from earlier versions. Check the release notes for your software version for more information.


The option to omit IP network configuration makes it possible to “clone” an existing RealPresence DMA cluster’s feature and system configuration to a new cluster without introducing IP address conflicts.


A backup created from a RealPresence DMA edge-configured system can only be restored on an edge system, not on a core-configured system. Likewise, a backup created from a RealPresence DMA core-configured system can only be restored on a core system, not on an edge-configured system.

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