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Configure Time Settings

For Polycom RealPresence DMA Appliance Edition systems, you can configure time settings with the USB Configuration Utility during first-time setup of your system. You can change a system’s (or cluster’s) time settings at any time, but note that this requires a system restart and terminates all active conferences.

For RealPresence DMA Virtual Edition systems, time settings are typically inherited from the RealPresence Resource Manager system or manually configured. See the Polycom® RealPresence® DMA® System Getting Started Guide .


Polycom recommends specifying at least one but preferably three NTP time servers. You must specify at least one time server before creating or joining a supercluster.

To configure time settings:

1 Go to Admin > Server > Time Settings.

2 Edit the fields in the following table as required.



System time zone
Time zone in which the system is located. Polycom recommends selecting the time zone of a specific geographic location (such as America/Denver), not one of the generic GMT offsets (such as GMT+07 POSIX).
If you use a generic GMT offset (for instance, to prevent automatic daylight saving time adjustments), note that they use the Linux/Posix convention of specifying how many hours ahead of or behind local time GMT is. Thus, the generic equivalent of America/Denver (UTC-07:00) is GMT+07, not GMT-07.
Use NTP Server (recommended)
Specify the IP Address or Host Name (FQDN) of up to three time servers for maintaining system time
Polycom recommends specifying at least one but preferably three NTP time servers.
Manually set system time
While not recommended, you can manually specify the System Date and System Time.

3 When finished, click Update.

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