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In the Polycom ® RealPresence ® DMA ® system, you can manage two types of users: local and enterprise.

Local users are added manually to the RealPresence DMA system. When you manually add users, you can assign them conference rooms and specific user roles.

Enterprise users are added automatically as RealPresence DMA system users when you integrate your system with a Microsoft ®  Active Directory. This integration allows users with specific roles such as Administrator, Auditor, or Provisioner to log into the RealPresence DMA system with their Active Directory user names and passwords. The integration process can also automatically create conference rooms for enterprise users based on the Active Directory field (such as phone number) that you specify.

Enterprise users are automatically assigned a Conferencing User role and they display in the Users list. An administrator can assign additional roles as required.


Note: You must be an enterprise user with the appropriate user role assignments to view and work with enterprise users in the RealPresence DMA system. A local user can only view other local users, regardless of user roles.

In addition to managing local and enterprise users, you can assign and manage different types of conference rooms and associate endpoints with specific users. 

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