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Naming ITP Systems for Recognition by the Polycom RealPresence DMA System

A Polycom Immersive Telepresence (ITP) room system contains multiple displays and codecs (endpoints). If the ITP system is using SIP or H.323 signaling (not Cisco TIP signaling), the Polycom RealPresence DMA system will recognize the endpoints as part of an ITP system only if they have names that properly identify them. The names must take the form systemName_M_N, where M is the total number of displays in the ITP system (2, 3, or 4) and N is the sequence number of each display. The “primary” codec must be assigned sequence number 1.

For example, the three HDX devices in a Polycom OTX 300 ITP system named Bainbridge might be named as follows:

Bainbridge ITP_3_1
Bainbridge ITP_3_2
Bainbridge ITP_3_3

When these three devices register with the Polycom RealPresence DMA system’s Call Server, the RealPresence DMA system recognizes them as a single ITP system and assigns them a Gold class of service (you can change this if necessary). The RealPresence DMA system also manages the device authentication settings as applying to a single system.

For ITP systems using SIP or TIP signaling (but not H.323), the RealPresence DMA system also creates a single CDR for calls from the ITP system rather than separate CDRs for each of the three devices.

You can only edit the device authentication and class of service settings for the primary codec; the RealPresence DMA system automatically propagates any changes to the other devices in the ITP system.

The RealPresence DMA system’s ability to recognize ITP calls and treat them as one assures the same class of service and device authentication settings for all the endpoints in the ITP system, but not other registration settings. You need to ensure that the maximum and minimum bit rates and other registration settings are consistent.

Follow this naming convention for both the ITP system name and the name for each HDX endpoint in the ITP system. For more information, see the following documents:

Administrator’s Guide for Polycom HDX Systems 

Polycom Immersive Telepresence (ITP) Deployment Guide 

Polycom Multipoint Layout Application (MLA) User’s Guide for Use with Polycom Telepresence Solutions 

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