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MCU Pools and Pool Orders

The RealPresence DMA system requires you to create uses MCU pools, or logical groupings of media servers, before you can use an MCU as a conferencing resource. You can determine how to group MCU pools. For example, you can base an MCU pool on location, capability, or some other factor.

After creating the MCU pools you need, you can configure a Pool Order. A pool order contains one or more MCU pools and specifies the order of preference in which the RealPresence DMA system will use the pools. The RealPresence DMA system uses the pool(s) to which an MCU belongs, and the pool order(s) to which a pool belongs, to determine which MCU will host a conference.


Every conference room (VMR) is associated with an MCU pool order by direct assignment, through the user’s enterprise group membership, or from the system default).



Note: MCU pools and pool orders are not used to select an ISDN gateway for simplified gateway dialing.

You can use various criteria for organizing MCUs into pools, depending on how you want the MCU resources allocated for conferencing. For instance:

Assign all MCUs in a specific site or domain to a pool. Then, assign a pool order to all users in that site or domain (via group membership), ensuring that their conferences are preferentially routed to MCUs in that pool.

Assign one or more MCUs to a pool to be used only by executives and assign that pool to a pool order associated only with those executives’ conference rooms.

Assign MCUs with special capabilities to a pool and assign that pool to a pool order associated only with custom conference rooms requiring those capabilities.

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