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Registration History

Registration History provides access to information about registered devices. It also provides information about external SIP peers with which the system is registered, if any.

View the Registration History

When the call server is providing H.323 gatekeeper or SIP registrar services, you can view information about registered devices.

To view registration history:

1Go to Reports > Registration History.

The following fields display in the registrations list:



The name of the registered device.
The device’s alias.
Start Time
The time and date that the device registered.
End Time
The time and date that the device’s registration ended (blank if the device is still registered).
Registration Status
The registration status:



Terminated by call server

Terminated by endpoint

Timed out

2Use the search pane above the list as follows to find registrations matching the criteria you specify:

ØClick the filter icon to expand the search pane.

ØSelect the appropriate filter to search by alias or IP address.

3Limit your search as needed by specifying one or more of the following:

ØOwner, territory, or site

ØSignaling protocol (H.323 or SIP)

ØRegistration status

ØDevice type (endpoint or gateway)

4Click Search.

The registrations that match your search criteria display below the search fields.

5Under Actions, click Show Details to display the Registration Details and the Events and Signaling Messages tabs below the list, enabling you to see:

ØDetailed information about the selected device’s registration status and information.

ØA history of the registration signaling and processing, including the results of applying the registration policy script, if any.

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