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Configure Logging Settings

You can configure the system’s logging settings for local and forwarded logs.

To configure log settings:

1Go to Admin > Server > Logging Settings.

2Complete the fields as described in the following table:



Logging level
Leave the default, Debug, unless advised to change it by Polycom support. Production reduces system overhead and log file sizes, but omits information that’s useful for troubleshooting. Verbose debug is not recommended for production systems.
Rolling frequency
If rolling the logs daily (the default) produces logs that are too large, shorten the interval.
Maximum retention time
The number of days to keep log archives.
Include advanced diagnostics
Select to include advanced diagnostic information in the log archive that allows Polycom to troubleshoot hard-to-reproduce issues. Recommended.
Local log forwarding
Select Enable forwarding to forward selected log entries to a central log management server. The log management server should be configured to accept log entries via UDP port 514.

The address of the Destination server. It must be running some version of syslog.

The Syslog facility value used to mark the log messages. The default is Local0. If you are unsure what facility you should use, consult the log management server’s administrator.

The Logs to forward. The source log file name is included in each of the forwarded messages.

Note: The RealPresence DMA system’s server.log entries are mapped to syslog-compliant severities (for example, a “warn” message from server.log arrives at the destination server with the syslog-compliant “warn” level, and an “info” message arrives with the “info” level). All other logs being forwarded are assigned the syslog-compliant “notice” severity.
Each log message is forwarded with the RealPresence DMA system’s timestamp intact. The receiving syslog adds its own timestamp, but preserving the RealPresence DMA-applied timestamp makes it easier to accurately troubleshoot time-sensitive events.

3Click Update.

4Click OK.

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