Update Software Using a USB Storage Device

To update the EagleEye Director II camera software version, you can use a USB storage device. Ensure that the device is in FAT32 format and has at least 200MB of available space.

Note: To update software from version 1.x to version 2.x, use this method or the Windows update method.


  1. Create a folder named plcm-eed2-cmd in the USB root directory.
  2. Create a subfolder named update in the plcm-eed2-cmd folder.
  3. Copy the EagleEye Director II update image (polycom-eagleeyedirector II-xxx-2.0.0.xx-xxxx.img) into the update folder.
  4. Plug in the camera power cable and allow it to fully power on.
    The LED turns solid blue.
  5. Plug the USB storage device into the camera.
    The LED blinks amber and then turns solid blue in a few seconds.
    Note: Do not unplug the USB storage device during the software update process.
  6. Unplug the camera power cable, but leave the USB storage device plugged in.
  7. Plug in the camera power cable and allow it to power on.
    When the software upgrade is complete, the LED blinks blue and powers on. Once the blue LED is solid and no longer blinking, the restart is complete.
  8. Remove the USB storage device.
    The update log is saved in the [USB root directory]/eed2out/[EED2 SN]/log.