Configure Cascading

Cascading involves using two EagleEye Director II cameras in the same room. In this documentation, the original camera is called primary, while the additional camera is called secondary.

To connect the primary EagleEye Director II camera to a RealPresence Group Series system or to a computer, you must select a mode in the web interface.

Note: The primary camera synchronizes these settings to the secondary camera: Tracking Mode, Tracking Speed, Framing Size, and PIP Position.


  1. Select General Settings > Mode and choose one of the following options.
  2. In the primary camera web interface, select Camera Settings > Cascading.
  3. Select a camera from the list and select Connect.

    Only standalone EagleEye Director II cameras appear in the list.

    Table 1. Secondary Camera Connection Status
    Connection StatusDescription
    Red icon

    Disconnected. The camera might be powered off, or the network cable might have been unplugged for more than one minute.

    Green icon


    Gray iconReady for connection. If you manually disconnect the camera, the icon status becomes gray.