Configure a Connection Mode

By selecting a mode in the web interface, you can set up an EagleEye Director II camera to work with a RealPresence Group Series system, or to work with a local computer.


  1. Navigate to General Settings > Mode.
  2. At Mode, select one of the following options.
    Table 1. Mode Options
    AutomaticAutomatically detects a Group Series connection or a Bring Your Own Device connection. If you connect the camera to both a RealPresence Group Series system (using HDCI) and a computer (using USB), the camera does not work as expected.
    Group SeriesCamera works with a RealPresence Group Series system. If you connect your camera to a computer in this mode, the computer does not detect the camera as its USB camera.
    Connect Your Own DeviceCamera works with a local computer so that you can use the camera as a USB camera. This mode is for computer connections only. If you connect the camera to the RealPresence Group Series system in this mode, the video conferencing system cannot detect the camera.
  3. Select Save.