Configure Camera Tracking

Tracking settings allow the camera to frame the speaker or the meeting participants, adjust the tracking speed, and change the subject frame size.

Note: The following settings are also available in the RealPresence Group Series web interface. The last changes to these settings are applied for the camera, whether you change the settings in the RealPresence Group Series system settings, or in the EagleEye Director II settings.


  1. In the web interface, go to Camera Settings > Tracking.
  2. Configure the following settings.
    Tracking Mode
    • Frame Speaker: Frames the active speaker.
    • Frame Group: Frames the conference participants.
    • Off: Disables automatic tracking and switches to manual mode. Note: If setting is set to Off in the camera web interface, you cannot turn it on from the RealPresence Group Series system’s local interface or from the EagleEye Director II App.
    Tracking Speed
    • Slow: Tracks transitions slowly.
    • Medium: Tracks transitions at a medium rate.
    • Fast: Tracks transitions quickly.
    Framing Size
    • Wide: Most expansive frame.
    • Medium: Average-sized frame.
    • Tight: Close-up frame.