Position the Camera

To position the EagleEye Director II camera, follow these guidelines for the ultimate experience.


  1. Mount the camera in a level position on a wall. Place it between 5.5 and 7 feet (1.7 to 2.1 m) from the floor, and at least 12 inches (0.3m) from the ceiling and walls, measuring from the side of the camera.
    The camera’s viewing angle is approximately 5 degrees above and 15 degrees below its direct line of sight as shown below.

    Camera Viewing Angle
  2. To ensure optimal performance of the face detection feature, do the following:
    • Provide ample lighting on faces of participants. This allows the camera to correctly frame faces, using the eyes, noses, and mouths as guidelines.
    • Allow only minimal backlighting.
  3. To ensure the best view from the camera voice-tracking feature, do the following:
    • Ensure that ambient room noise is quiet enough to allow the camera to locate the participant who is speaking.
    • Set up the audio reference connection from the RealPresence Group Series system to the camera, whether you connect it directly to the audio output of the system, or to an audio processor managing the room audio.
  4. Ensure that people are sitting within a 3 to 33 feet (0.91 m ~ 10.1 m) viewing range from the camera.

    The following figure shows the framing speaker range of the camera.

    Camera Viewing Range

    Note: Before powering on the camera, connect it to the RealPresence Group Series system using an HDCI cable. This prevents the camera from automatically entering sleep mode after three minutes.