Prevent Monitor Burn-In

Monitors used with RealPresence ITP systems provide display settings to help prevent image burn-in. The following guidelines help prevent image burn-in:
  • Ensure that static images are not displayed for long periods.

  • Set the Time before system goes to sleep to 60 minutes or less.

  • To keep the screen clear of static images during a call, disable the following settings.

    • Show Time in Call (Admin Settings > General Settings > Date and Time > Time in Call)

  • Be aware that meetings that last more than an hour without much movement can have the same effect as a static image.

You can specify the period of inactivity before the system goes to sleep.


  1. In the primary codec web UI, go to Admin Settings > Audio/Video > Sleep.
  2. In the Display field, select Black.
  3. In the Time before system goes to sleep field, select an option:
    • Off—The system will not go to sleep after a period of inactivity.

    • An idle period.

  4. To mute the microphone while in sleep mode, enable the check box next to Enable Mic Mute in Sleep Mode.
  5. Go to Admin Settings > Audio/Video > Sleep.

    If the Display field does not indicate No Signal, select No Signal from the drop down menu. Click Save.