Configuring SIP Settings for Integration with the Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP)

When SIP is enabled on a RealPresence ITP system that has the TIP option, the system can interoperate with TIP endpoints. Note that the RealPresence ITP systems do not support a TIP call to other Polycom equipment, whether an end point or RMX.SIP (TIP) calls must connect at a call speed of 1 Mbps per screen or higher.

  • Only TIP version 7 is supported.

  • In a TIP call, only XGA content at 5 fps is supported. The following content sources are not supported in TIP calls:
    • USB content from the Polycom Touch Control

    • People+Content™ IP

For more information about Polycom support for the TIP protocol, refer to the Polycom Unified Communications for Cisco Environments Solution Deployment Guide.