Change the IP Address of the Primary Codec

Follow these procedures to change the IP address of the Primary codec.


  1. In the primary codec web UI, go to Admin Settings > Network > LAN Properties for the primary codec.
  2. In the IP Address (IPv4) section, in the IP Address field, specify how the system obtains an IP address.
    • Obtain IP Address Automatically—Select this option if the system gets an IP address from the DHCP server on the LAN.

    • Enter IP Address Manually—Select this option if the IP address will not be assigned automatically.

      1. For the manual IP address option, enter the new information in the Your IP Address is, Default Gateway, and Subnet Mask fields.

      2. Save the changes.

  3. Go to Admin Settings > Immersive.
  4. In the Left Static IP Address and Right Static IP Address fields, enter the updated IP addresses for the left and right secondary codecs respectively.
  5. Enter Admin ID and Password credentials if you use them.
  6. Select Connect.

    All codecs reboot.