Configure Dialing Preferences

Dialing preferences help you manage the network bandwidth used for calls. You can specify the default and optional call settings for outgoing calls. You can also limit the call speeds of incoming calls.

Note: SVC-based conferences are not supported.


  1. Go to Admin Settings > Network > Dialing Preference.
  2. Configure the settings in the following table.
    Table 1. Dialing Options and Preferred Speeds



    Scalable Video Coding Preference

    AVC Only is supported in this release.

    Enable H.239

    Specifies standards-based People+Content data collaboration. Enable this option if you know that H.239 is supported by the far sites you will call.

    Call Type Order

    The default value is Video.

    Video Dialing Preferences

    Specifies how the system places video calls to directory entries that have more than one type of number. It also specifies how the system places video calls when the call type selection is either unavailable or set to Auto. If a call attempt does not connect, the system tries to place the call using the next call type in the list.

    Preferred Speed for Placed Calls:

    IP Calls

    Determines the speed to use for calls from this system.

    If the far-site system does not support the selected speed, the system automatically negotiates a lower speed.

    Maximum Speed for Received Calls:

    IP Calls

    Enables you to restrict the bandwidth used when receiving IP calls.

    If the far site attempts to call the system at a higher speed than selected here, the call is renegotiated at the speed specified in this field.