Configure Network Quality Settings

You can specify how your system responds to network quality issues by configuring the Network Quality settings; these settings control how your network handles IP packets during video calls.


  • Use this group of settings to specify how your RealPresence ITP system responds to quality issues.
    Table 1. Network Quality Settings



    Automatically Adjust People or Content Bandwidth

    Specifies whether the system should automatically adjust the bandwidth necessary for the People stream or Content stream depending on the relative complexity of the people video, content video, or both.

    This setting is not available if you select a Quality Preference.

    Quality Preference

    Specifies which stream has precedence when attempting to improve network quality issues:
    • Both (People and Content Streams)

    • People Streams

    • Content Streams

    This setting is not available when the Automatically Adjust People/Content Bandwidth setting is enabled.