Name the System

The System Name screen enables you to name your system and your center, left, and right server names. When naming the sites, keep the following in mind:

  • Do not use site names which are the same or similar (site names with a trailing numeral digit, for instance) for Group Series codecs that are part of RealPresence ITP room systems and for individual endpoints that are not part of RealPresence ITP room systems.

  • For individual endpoints, disconnected from a telepresence conference, use the same or similar names as each other and as RealPresence ITP systems, then Polycom MLA sometimes mistakenly identifies the individual endpoints as Immersive Studio, Immersive Studio Flex, OTX Studio, or ITP systems.

  • The TYPE OF ITP field enables Polycom Multipoint Layout Application to find the correct RealPresence ITP room, when the RealPresence ITP room is part of a telepresence conference participants list, but disconnected from the conference.


  1. Go to Admin Settings > General Settings > System Settings > System Name.

    The first character of a System Name must be a letter or a number. The System Name cannot begin with the dollar sign ($) or underscore (_) character.

  2. In the System Name field, enter a name as described below.
  3. Enter the <SiteName>[TYPE OF ITP].

    “[TYPE OF ITP]” is optional and specifies the type of ITP room: RPIS, OTXS and ISFlex for RealPresence Immersive Studio, OTX Studio and Immersive Studio Flex.

    When you assign a system name for the main codec, unique identities for the left and right codecs are automatically generated. The naming convention is as follows.

    <SiteName>[TYPE OF ITP]_M_N where:

    • M = number of systems (for RealPresence Immersive Studio, this value is 3)

    • N = 1 for the primary system, 2 for the left system, and 3 for the right system

      The system name is displayed on the screen for the far site when you are in a call.

  4. Click Save.