Set the Date and Time

System Time settings enable you to specify how date and time values are displayed.


  1. Go to Admin Settings > General Settings > Date and Time > System Time.
  2. Configure these settings.
    Table 1. System Time Settings



    Date Format

    Specifies how the date is displayed in the interface.

    Time Format

    Specifies how the time is displayed in the interface.

    Auto Adjust for Daylight Saving Time

    Specifies the daylight saving time setting. When you enable this setting, the system clock automatically changes for daylight saving time.

    Time Zone

    Specifies the time difference between Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and your location.

    Time Server

    Specifies whether the connection to a time server is automatic or manual for system time settings. You can also select Off to enter the date and time yourself.

    Primary Time Server Address

    Secondary Time Server Address

    Specifies the address of the primary and optional secondary time servers to use when Time Server is set to Manual.

    The system uses the secondary time server if the primary time server does not respond.

    Current DateCurrent Time

    If Time Server is set to Off, these settings are configurable.